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M&J Coins and Collectibles will purchase your Gold or Silver at our Inman, S.C. location and you will receive immediate payment. All transactions are handled with integrity, honesty, and friendly service.  At M&J Coins and Collectibles you can count on top prices for your Gold or Silver!

Company Profile

In business for 7 years as Todd’s Coins, we moved to our current retail location in October 2007 and began serving the town of Inman, South Carolina and surrounding areas as M&J’s Coins and P)rospecting. Todd brings you professional service and a friendly, helping hand to assist you as you pursue the “King of All Hobbies”, collecting coins.  We also cater to the treasure hunter in everyone! 

Contact Us

M & J Coins and Prospecting is located at 10471 Asheville Highway, Unit 9, Inman, South Carolina 29349. Our phone number is (864)472-3041. Our store hours are from 9 AM until 6PM ET Monday - Friday. You can e-mail us at contact@mjcoinstore.com.


If you're looking to start a coin collection, or if you want to expand the collection you already have, visit our Ebay store for a look at a sample of our collection of valuable coins.

Metal Detectors

Visit our online store and browse our selection of Garrett Metal Detectors, or stop by our Inman location for a demonstration!

Prospecting Equipment

Gold is closer than you think! You don’t need expensive mining equipment to find gold, just a well made gold pan and some patience. If you have a creek or stream running through your land you may very well be able to find some of the precious metal.

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